• Ed Frazier Davis

    composer / baritone / conductor

    Ed Frazier Davis (b. 1989) is an English-American composer, baritone, and conductor living and working in Kansas City, Missouri. He currently serves as Composer-in-Residence for the William Baker Choral Foundation.


    Lauded for its "compelling, […] colourful orchestration" (Musical Toronto), Ed's music is polystylistic and draws from many eclectic influences, from Medieval song to postminimalism and practically everything in between. He has composed music for a wide variety of media, but as an experienced singer he has a particularly strong affinity for writing choral music. His music has been commissioned and performed throughout the world by many renowned performers and organizations, including Access Contemporary Music, the Aspen Music Festival, Bella Voce, The Crossing, soprano Erin Wall, the Lincoln Trio, PLEXUS, and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Ultimately, he seeks to write music that breaks established artistic binaries—e.g. traditional vs. modern, accessible vs. unfamiliar—to create art that is fulfilling to as wide an audience as possible.


    Ed's career has developed considerable momentum in the past few years. From 2012 to 2016, he served as Composer-in-Residence for the Chicago Chamber Choir, the last season of which was under renowned conductor and educator Doreen Rao. In 2014, he was named second place winner of the American Prize in Choral Composition (Student Division), as well as a finalist in Chanticleer's annual student composer competition. In 2015, he received the premiere of his first international commission from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Children's Chorus (conducted by Sir Andrew Davis), and was selected as one of four composition fellows at the very first Big Sky Choral Initiative. In 2016, he made his Southern Hemisphere debut with an acclaimed commission from Melbourne-based chamber ensemble PLEXUS. In 2017, he was named a finalist for the Young New Yorkers' Chorus's composition competition.


    As a singer, Ed has consistently performed both ensemble and solo work with dozens of ensembles across the Midwest. In his hometown of Chicago, he frequently performed with organizations including Bella Voce, the Chicago Choral Artists (where he served as bass section leader), the Chicago Symphony Chorus, the Grant Park Music Festival Chorus, and The Rookery. He has been named a regional finalist in multiple NATS competitions, and he has worked intensively with Chanticleer as part of their biennial Sonoma Choral Workshop. Now a proud Kansas Citian, he is thrilled to serve as bass section leader at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, to be singing in his third season with the William Baker Festival Singers, and to join the GRAMMY® award-winning Kansas City Chorale for his first season.


    Ed studied composition at Knox College, the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University, and the University of Missouri-Kansas City, primarily with Marta Ptaszyńska, Kyong Mee Choi, Stacy Garrop, Gabriel Jackson, Chen Yi, James Mobberley, and Zhou Long. He studied voice with Sarah Moran, Stacey Tappan, Jim Collins, Gianna Rolandi, and Vinson Cole.


    A selection of Ed's sacred choral works are published through Biretta Books, while other works are published through MusicSpoke.


    Banner photograph by Malcolm Cook, all subsequent photographs by John Williams.

  • Compositions

    Up-to-date list of works. Scores may be purchased through MusicSpoke (where linked) or by directly contacting the composer.

    Organized alphabetically:

    —In Progress

    • Maria, Mater Gratiæ :  SATB choir a cappella. Text (Latin) from the Roman Ritual. No public performances yet. Composed for publication through Biretta Books.




    • Pro Defunctis :  SATB choir, baritone, and chamber orchestra: 1111 | 1000 | 2 perc | hp | 6 vln | 3 vla | 3 vc | db. January 2015, 42'00". Masters thesis, Roosevelt University. Texts (Latin and English) from the Mass for the Dead, John Donne, Dylan Thomas, Robert Graves, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, and John Bunyan. Premiere: Chicago Choral Project (dir. Jim Collins), Ed Frazier Davis (baritone), EFD Chamber Orchestra; Ganz Hall, Roosevelt University, 16 March 2015.
    • Seven Last Words from the Cross :  SMATBB choir and orchestra: 0202 | 2220 | timp | perc | str. March 2018, 23'00"Text (English and Aramaic) from the Gospels of Luke, Mark, and John (American Standard Version). Premiere: William Baker Festival Singers (dir. William Baker); Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City MO, 8 April 2018.
    • The Stolen Child :  children's choir and orchestra: 2222 | 4221 | timp | perc | cel | hp | str. March 2015, 10'00"Text (English) by William Butler Yeats. PremiereToronto Symphony Orchestra and Children's Chorus (dir. Sir Andrew Davis); Roy Thompson Hall, Toronto ON, 29 May 2015.




    • Ave Verum Corpus :  SATB choir a cappella. September 2018, 5'10". Text (Latin) attributed to Pope Innocent VI. No public performances yet. Composed for publication through Biretta Books.
    • High Flight :  SATB choir a cappella. July 2015, 6'00". Text (English) by John Gillespie Magee, Jr. Premiere: The Crossing (dir. Donald Nally); Warren Miller Performing Arts Center, Big Sky MT, 25 July 2015.


    • I heard a Fly buzz when I died :  SATB choir a cappella. October 2009, 3’50”. Text (English) by Emily Dickinson. No public performances yet.
    • keep going… :  double choir (SSAA + SATB) a cappella. December 2017, 4'30”. Text (English) by Gregory Peebles. Premiere: Young New Yorkers' Chorus (dir. Michael Kerschner); St. Michael's Episcopal Church, New York NY, 24 March 2018.
    • Libera Me :  SSSAAA choir (or sextet) a cappella. March 2014, 13'00"-14'00". Text (Latin) from the Mass for the Dead. Finalist for the 2015 American Prize in Choral Composition, Student Division. Premiere: La Caccina (dir. Carling FitzSimmons); Luther Memorial Church, Chicago IL, 6 June 2014.


    • The Lord is My Shepherd :  SAB choir, trumpet, and piano. April 2011, 3’40”. Text (English) from the Book of Common Prayer, Psalm 23:1-4,6. Premiere: Grace Lutheran Church Choir (dir. Ed Frazier Davis), Nathaniel Beck (trumpet), Marta Gulyash (piano); Grace Lutheran Church, Knoxville IL, 15 May 2011.


    • Madrigal (the juggler of day)  SATB choir a cappella. December 2013, 3'40". Text (English) by Emily Dickinson. Premiere: common pulse (dir. Lydia Lane Stout); St. Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square, Chicago IL, 26 September 2014.


    • Missa Brevis :  SMATBB choir a cappella. May 2012, 14’30”. Honors project, Knox College. Text (Latin) from the Mass Ordinary. Benedictus (1'30") premiere: Knox College Choir (dir. Laura Lane); First Lutheran Church, Galesburg IL, 3 March 2013. Sanctus (1'30") premiere: Wicker Park Choral Singers (dir. Mark Tomasino); St. Gregory the Great Church, Chicago IL, 22 June 2013. No public performances of other movements yet.


    • Music, thou Queen of Heaven :  SATB choir a cappella. June 2013, 3'50". Text (English) by Robert Herrick. Premiere: common pulse (dir. Lydia Lane Stout); St. Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square, Chicago IL, 26 September 2014.


    • My beloved spoke :  double SATB choir a cappella. August 2014, 4'10". Text (English and Hebrew) from Song of Songs. Finalist in the 2014 Chanticleer Student Composer Competition. Forthcoming premiere: William Baker Festival Singers (dir. William Baker); St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Kansas City MO, 28 January 2018.


    • My Sun and Song and Spring :  SATB choir a cappella. January 2013, 3’50”. Text (English) by Sara Teasdale. Second place winner of the 2014 American Prize in Choral Composition, Student Division (with Silver Bells). Premiere: Chicago Chamber Choir (dir. Timm Adams); Unity Lutheran Church, Chicago IL, 7 April 2013.

    • O Magnum Mysterium :  SATB choir a cappella. November 2016, 5'00". Text (Latin) from the Matins of Christmas. Premiere: William Baker Festival Singers (dir. William Baker); Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Kansas City MO, 16 December 2016.


    • The Oxen :  SATB choir a cappella. January 2011, 3’10”. Text (English) by Thomas Hardy. Premiere: St. James Cathedral Choir (dir. Brandon Dumas); Nine Lessons and Carols, St. James Cathedral, Chicago IL, 20 December 2015.


    • Peace flows into me :  SMATBB choir (or sextet) a cappella. December 2012, 3’40”. Text (English) by Sara Teasdale. Premiere: Chicago Choral Artists (dir. Micah Dingler); Grace Episcopal Church, Hinsdale IL, 10 February 2013.


    • Requiem Æternam :  SATB choir a cappella. May 2010, 3'50". Text (Latin) from the Mass for the Dead. Premiere: Knox College Choir (dir. Laura Lane); Kresge Recital Hall, Knox College, 12 November 2010.


    • Set me as a seal :  SATB choir a cappella. July 2016, 6'00". Text (English) from Song of Songs. Premiere: Bella Voce (dir. Andrew Lewis); Cliff Dwellers, Chicago IL, 10 September 2016.


    • Silver Bells :  SATB choir a cappella. November 2013, 3'20". Text (English) by Edgar Allan Poe. Second place winner of the 2014 American Prize in Choral Composition, Student Division (with My Sun and Song and Spring). Premiere: Bella Voce (dir. Andrew Lewis); St. Procopius Abbey, Lisle IL, 21 December 2013.


    • Sir Loin the Noble :  SATB choir a cappella. September 2011, 3’10”. Text (English) by an anonymous 17th century poet. Premiere: Wicker Park Choral Singers (dir. Mark Tomasino); Wicker Park Lutheran Church, Chicago IL, 10 December 2011.
    • St. Andrew's Mass :  SATB choir and harp. September 2017, 13'00". Texts (English) from the Mass Ordinary. Premiere: St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Chancel Choir (dir. Thomas Vozzella); St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Kansas City MO, 17 December 2017.
    • St. Chrysostom's Service :  SATB choir a cappella. December 2015, 11'00". Texts (English) from the Book of Common Prayer. Nunc Dimittis (4'40") premiere: Choir of St. Chrysostom's Episcopal Church (dir. Richard Hoskins); St. Chrysostom's Episcopal Church, Chicago IL, 28 February 2016. Magnificat (6'20") premiere: Choir of St. Chrysostom's Episcopal Church (dir. Richard Hoskins); St. Chrysostom's Episcopal Church, Chicago IL, 24 April 2016.
    • Sweetest Fruit beyond Human Sense :  SATB choir, brass, percussion, harp, and organ. February 2017, 7’10”. Text by Mechthild of Magdeburg, translated by Jane Hirshfield. Premiere: William Baker Festival Singers (dir. William Baker); Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City MO, 2 April 2017.
    • Tasa ja omaette (still and separate) :  SATB choir a cappella. April 2013, 5’40”. Text (Estonian) by Doris Kareva, English translation by Tiina Aleman. No public performances yet.


    • Tempest Songs :  SATB choir, clarinet, violin, and piano. June 2016, 15'00". Text (English) by William Shakespeare. Premiere: Polyphonic Voices (dir. Michael Fulcher), PLEXUS (Monica Curro (violin), Philip Arkinstall (clarinet), Stefan Cassomenos (piano)); Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne VIC, 10 August 2016.


    • There is an Old Belief :  SMATBB choir and cello. November 2012, 6'30". Text (English) by John Gibson Lockhart. Premiere: common pulse (dir. Lydia Lane Stout); Sudds-Conley Church House, Chicago IL, 12 September 2015.


    • To an Early Daffodil :  SMATBB choir a cappella. March 2016, 6'20". Text (English) by Amy Lowell. Premiere: Chicago Choral Artists (dir. Michael Costello); Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Chicago IL, 7 May 2016.


    • The Twilight turns from Amethyst :  SMATBB choir (or sextet), flute, viola, harp, and water-tuned glasses. March 2014, 6’30”. Text (English) by James Joyce. Premiere: Carey Goldenberg (soprano), Patty LeClaire (mezzo), Kerry Hrametz (alto), Micah Dingler (tenor), Michael Mercer (baritone), Ed Frazier Davis (bass), Scott Douglas (flute), Rachel Eid-Ries (viola), Catherine Canale (harp), glasses played by the singers; Ganz Hall, Roosevelt University, 16 April 2014.


    • who are you,little i :  TTBB choir a cappella. February 2010, 2’30”. Text (English) by e.e. cummings. Premiere: Knox College Men’s Ensemble (dir. Lynn Maxfield); Kresge Recital Hall, Knox College, 25 May 2010.


    • Wild Nights! :  SATB choir a cappella. March 2011, 3’00”. Text (English) by Emily Dickinson. Premiere: Knox College Choir (dir. Laura Lane); First Lutheran Church, Galesburg IL, 26 February 2012.





    • Canticum Elementorum :  solo violin. November 2013, 7'00". First place winner of the 2013 CCPA Williams Violin Competition. Premiere: Drew Williams; Ganz Hall, Roosevelt University, 31 January 2014.


    • Esoteric Fantasia :  2 flutes, oboe, clarinet in B-flat, French horn, trumpet, and cello. October 2010, 2’30”. Premiere: Knox College Chamber Ensemble (dir. Daniel Godsil); Knox College, 15 November 2010.


    • Inebriate of Air :  brass quintet. October 2013, 1'40". No public performances yet. (Recorded privately by Gaudete Brass Quintet on 7 November 2013.)


    • In an Instant :  oboe, clarinet in A, and bassoon. April 2017, 6'50". No public performances yet.
    • In Memoriam John Tavener :  string quartet. December 2013, 5'40". Premiere: Zachary Peterson (violin I), Rachel Moore (violin II), Mark Aparece (viola), Aaron Gottl (cello); Ganz Hall, Roosevelt University, 19 February 2014.


    • Macabre Miniatures :  solo piano. March 2014, 4'00". Premiere: Jordan Crice; Ganz Hall, Roosevelt University, 21 April 2014.


    • The Pillars of Creation :  bassoon, horn, and cello. May 2013, 8'00". No public performances yet.


    • Starstuff :  violin, cello, and piano. October 2013, 5'00". Premiere: Palomar Ensemble (Madeline Capistran (violin), Alyson Berger (cello), Michael Miller (piano), dir. Francesco Milioto); broadcast on WFMT's Relevant Tones podcast, 28 December 2013.


    • Sun Dogs :  solo piano. July 2015, 6'10". Premiere: Jonathan Hannau; Ravenswood Fellowship UMC, Chicago IL, 20 September 2015.


    • The Upside Down :  clarinet in B-flat and cello. October 2016, 6'20". No public performances yet.




    • Elegy in April :  medium voice and piano. December 2010, 4’10”. Text (English) by Wilfred Owen. No public performances yet.


    • if there are any heavens :  baritone and piano. May 2017, 2’30”. Text (English) by e.e. cummings. Premiere: Ed Frazier Davis (baritone), MacKenzie Reed (piano); St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Kansas City MO, 18 May 2017.


    • Ktoś Obcy (an alien among us) :  soprano, baritone, and piano. April 2012, 2’30”. Text (Polish) and English translation by Krzysztof Ostaszewski. Premiere: Angelica Ostaszewski (soprano), Ed Frazier Davis (baritone), Megan Clewell (piano); Kresge Recital Hall, Knox College, 18 May 2012.


    • NOISE :  mezzo-soprano, soprano, and piano. February 2017, 5’40”. Text (English) by Reilly Donnelly. Premiere: Ashley Burnett (mezzo), LaTeesha Jackson (soprano), Robert Pherigo (piano); UMKC Summer Composition Workshop, Kansas City MO, 22 June 2017.
    • A Shining Road :  soprano, clarinet in A, and piano. January 2014, 4’10”. Text (English) by Sara Teasdale. Premiere: Erin Wall (soprano), Charlene Zimmerman (clarinet), Alan Darling (piano); Civic Opera House, Chicago IL, 2 February 2014.


    • Triptych :  baritone and piano. February 2016, 12'00". Text (English) by Gregory Peebles. Premiere: Ed Frazier Davis (baritone), Eugenia Cheng (piano); PianoForte Studios, Chicago IL, 16 March 2016.




    • Ma'laach :  amplified cello, two-channel fixed media, and video. March 2015, 5'22". Premiere: Kathryn Tarko (cello); Ganz Hall, Roosevelt University, 10 April 2015.




    • Gravity :  SMATBB choir a cappella. August 2014, 5'00". Music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles. No public performances yet.


    • How Can I Keep from Singing? :  SATB choir and piano. February 2017, 6'00". Music by Robert Lowry, lyrics attributed to "Pauline T." Premiere: Participants in the 2017 National ACDA Convention's "Hymn Festival: One in Song" Music in Worship Service (dir. Ed Frazier Davis); Westminster Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis MN, 8 March 2017.
    • The Star Carol :  SATB choir a cappella. October 2013, 4'20". Music by Alfred Burt, lyrics by Wihla Hutson. Premiere: Chicago Chamber Choir (dir. Timm Adams); St. Matthias Parish, Chicago IL, 12 December 2013.


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